About the blog

Using our MumVoice in the best way possible. You know your MumVoice – the voice you find inside once you procreate. The voice you use when you mean, ‘this is business!’ That voice you use to warn, ‘if you do that ONE more time!’ Or, ‘put your shoes on NOW!’ I can use all my favourite mum-catchphrases in a day, but they mean nothing without my authoritative and powerful, MumVoice. It is a voice that makes sure it is heard, it is a voice that gets shit done.

Let’s unite Mums through the power of writing and blogs, because no matter where you’re from or what else you do, parenting is tough. The moment I was sent home with my baby I felt I had been mis-sold a PPI. Motherhood was not what I had expected. What I had quite clearly signed up for was the world’s longest and oldest marathon of manual labour, strong carpet cleaner and stronger still self-belief.

I’m passionate about providing a safe space for women to read other women’s stories. Where we can start to break down unnecessary expectations and judgement, where we can share our experiences, laugh and give hope. There are so many shared parenting experiences from birth, to breast feeding, to boycotting bedtimes. It is enormously reassuring to read someone going through a similar experience, to hear how they got out of it, to hear that we are not alone. It gives us solidarity and it brings a bucketload of hope.

By using our MumVoice, we can share our highs, our lows, our funny moments and our slightly lost moments. I believe we can build a community of mothers who raise each other up. Let’s share this human experience together with more open and honest dialogue.

The number of mums who have started new businesses has grown tremendously in recent years. Mothers want work to fit in around them and their families. I have also found many women who have found a new sense of passion and purpose once they become a mother. Working alongside being a parent can be a tricky juggle, so I want this to be a space where we can showcase all the inspiring and beautiful companies that mothers have started. I want to interview these mumpreneurs to share some of their story, where they found their inspiration, how they manage to juggle their competing demands. 

Let’s use our MumVoice to write and unite. This space is to help us support each other, whether through writing about shared human experience, or using this as a place to share a Mumpreneur business.

Motherhood is tough – it is important to have a supportive community. It is also wildly reassuring to be reminded that even if that Mum at school drop off looks like she’s wearing mascara and a smile, underneath we are all fighting the same battles.