Interview with food + lifestyle blogger @RupertandMummy

I have been following Jenny on Instagram (@rupertandmummy) for a while now and I just love what she does. Jenny always inspires me with great food ideas for the family and yet never preaches. I don’t follow many people who blog about food because I can find it all a bit overwhelming, complicated and show-y. But Jenny is the total opposite of that. She makes her food look delicious without over complicating things. She’s keen on whole foods and encouraging small people to try a variety of foods and getting our kids into the kitchen. She helps me look at ways of laying out food so that it looks more appealing to children whilst at the same time making meal times seem fun and a way to experiment with flavours and colours.
Watermelon, avocado, halloumi, mint salad. photograph from @rupertandmummy (IG)


Jenny is a family food and lifestyle blogger who’s due her second child later this year.


I mean, look at that food! I’m forever drooling at her instagram meals. One day Jenny will post a picture and mini recipe of pulled leg of lamb smothered in smoked paprika, cumin and garlic. The next day it’ll be Delia’s BBQ chicken and brown rice.


Jenny is honest about the challenges of feeding a family, healthy food, easily and quickly. She’s down to earth and yet has a real and genuine passion for healthy and fun food. We all crave a little meal time inspiration and she’s chock full of it.

Sometimes Jenny’s blog turns to fashion, lifestyle or even touch on deeply personal matters such as when she shared her journey of having a miscarriage. Jenny has also shared in the joys of getting pregnant again with baby number two and how that’s affected her food cravings.


I was thrilled when Jenny said she’d have some time to answer some questions on her blog and passion. So, enough of me chatting about her food, let’s get some more pictures and ask Jenny lots of questions about food blogging.



A: What is your name and what is your blog name?


J: Hello! My name is Jenny, my three year old son is Rupert and my blog is called Rupert & Mummy.


A: How did you choose that name?


J: It was inspired by a barista who wrote “Rupert” and “Mummy” on top of our takeaway babyccino/coffee lids – it looked so sweet when they were put down on our table in the cafe! I also thought that the name would allow for my content to be flexible and develop over time. 

photograph from @rupertandmummy (IG)

A: What is your blog all about?


J: It is mostly food orientated; ideas for children’s meals and snacks, cooking and baking with children, meals for the whole family, grown up dinners and easy entertaining. I also include some lifestyle content as well, such as the odd fashion post, activities we have enjoyed or a glimpse into a business I think my readers would like to know about.


A: Who comprises your family?


J: With my husband and our little long-haired dachshund, Achilles (who is super cute and doesn’t get enough instagram exposure!), there are four of us. And we are expecting a baby, due in September, so soon to be five.


A: Wow! You definitely need to get more daschund Achilles on your stories feed! We love a cute dog at mumvoice!! ha. Now, when and why did you start your blog?

Rupert and mummy, photograph by Life Reflected Photography

J: I first started with Instagram in January 2017. I was missing the writing and creative side of my previous career (working in PR & Communications within the interiors and design sector), and I wanted a platform where I could engage meaningfully with other parents about food and cookery away from my personal social media. A wordpress site soon followed, after some foodie bloggers encouraged me to go for it. 


A: Was it easy to start up?


J: Yes, I found it pretty straight forward – and I am not the most technical of people! I used a premium wordpress template and at this stage I’m happy enough with the look and feel of the site. I like having the extra space to be able to write a lot more content on my wordpress blog posts.


Sweet potato, lentil and spinach curry. Photograph from @rupertandmummy (IG)

A: Do you have other job/s alongside blogging and raising your family?


J: Yes, I also run a holiday rental which I am very lucky to be able to do from home.


A: What makes you so passionate about food?


J: I’ve inherited a love of food from my parents. They would both cook when I was growing up – my Mum trained as a caterer originally and would make amazing family meals throughout the week. My Dad would often get involved in the kitchen at the weekends, he’s especially passionate about Italian food and would make delicious pasta dishes. The kitchen was always the heart of our home, with some music playing and pretty candles lit for mealtimes – it is still the same at home now and Rupert loves visiting Grandma and Grandpa.

Peach melba pancakes. Photograph from @rupertandmummy

A: If you could write one thing on a billboard for parents what would it be?






I think as parents we are all guilty of stressing out too much about everything. I find the more relaxed I am about life, Rupert totally picks up on it and generally our day will be far easier. Deep breaths required at times! And a bit of yoga. To create a more relaxed atmosphere at home I’ll often pop on a chilled out playlist from Apple Music and have some essential oils in a diffuser –  wild orange and lavender is a good combination – whilst we play together or do some colouring and drawing.


Rupert and mummy, photograph by Life Reflected Photography

A: Sounds absolutely wonderful! Essential oils noted. Does Rupert know about the blog and what does he think?


J: He is aware of it and I don’t think he can remember a time before I took lots of photos of our meals and him cooking… He sometimes likes to be part of the food “styling” when I take a photo but sometimes he refuses to let me get a shot before he starts tucking in!


A: ha ha! My daughter would be the same. What does your husband think of your blog?


J: He is very supportive but prefers not to be featured – you might catch the odd glimpse of him on instagram stories now and again.

Sun and sea kebabs. Photograph from @rupertandmummy

A: Have you ever had any moments where you’ve doubted what you’re doing with your blog?


J: Absolutely – it would take a lot of self confidence not to have those niggles of doubt. I’m sure the content is going to evolve a lot over the next year… Our family has recently moved from London to rural Wiltshire, we have the impending arrival a new baby and Rupert will be spending a bit more time at nursery. But I think change is good, my aim is that it will keep the blog fresh.


A: I’m sure you will adore Wiltshire and we can’t wait to hear about the arrival of your second baby. Do you ever have moments where you wish you hadn’t shared something online?


J: So far I haven’t had that feeling. I’m quite careful about what I post and will spend a bit of time thinking about wording especially when sharing anything more personal. I had a miscarriage last year and wrote a blog post about it… I did question whether or not to share it, as it was a world away from my usual content. But the response was phenomenal and it showed me that by sharing and talking about life’s problems we can all help support each other.


A: I have found the same with Instagram. It’s been a very supportive community. What’s been the best thing about having the blog?


J: The best thing is when people message me or tag me to tell me that they’ve made one of my recipes and love it. To hear that my recipes are really being cooked in kitchens out there makes me do a happy dance every time!

Rupert cooking. Photograph from @rupertandmummy

A: What would be your dream for your blog?


J: I would love to write a family recipe book with lots of ideas for getting your children to help in the kitchen.


A: I love that idea. I would certainly buy it. What do think about all this worry we have about social media, or do you think it can be used for positive uses, to share ideas and connect people?


J: For me its always been positive – perhaps I’ve just been lucky! The community out there is amazing. With this sense of community in mind, I created a hashtag on instagram with Caroline de Souza (on instagram she is @hungrylittlebears) everyone is welcome to tag #familyfoodtribe when they post any kind of family food (meals, snacks, bakes etc) and we each do a themed round up every Friday morning. We now have over 4,000 posts that have been tagged so there is endless family food inspiration to be found and I always love seeing how people from across the world share ideas with each other. It is truly heartwarming. 

IMG_1054 (Edited)
Curried cauliflower, celeriac and coconut soup with baked onion bhajis. Photograph from @rupertandmummy


A: Would you recommend other people start their own blogs if they’re thinking of it and why?


J: I think it depends what you want to achieve. Lots of people are able to share the content that they want and build the community they are looking for solely though instagram, so having a blog to administrate on top of that might not always be necessary. Have a think about your aims and work out which platforms would be best for you. 

Rupert and mummy, photograph by Life Reflected Photography
A: Do you have any favourite Recipe Books?
J: Although I own lot of recipe books, I don’t really use them that much! I might have a flick through for ideas but will generally put my own twist on things or mash a few different recipes together. I do really like “Lizzie Loves Healthy Family Food” by Lizzie King, and always go back to “Delia Smith’s Complete Illustrated Cookery Course” by Delia Smith for the classics and some childhood favourites. I always like getting the Waitrose Food Magazine, as the seasonal receipes are particularly good.
A: I told you Jenny was the real deal! I find it inspiring that someone shares their passion so authentically with a wider audience and does so much to promote positive talk and action around food.
Thank you Jenny for taking the time and sharing what inspires you and for personally inspiring ME regularly! You can check out all the Rupert and Mummy website and social media links below

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