We Are Mothers – by Asha Knight

A friend, a foe, a lover. We

Find countless ways to be a ‘she’.
We are a tribe quite like no other,
A daughter, a siren, a wife. A mother.
Being all for all, so much time is spent
Being punched and pulled and stretched and bent
Until we are battered and bloodied and queasy.
Yet all the men say that we have it easy.
When you love so hard that you visibly shake
You unquestionably question all the choices you make
And all that you think and do is for their sake
Even when your own mind is at stake.
But you can’t change it and you don’t want to
Because their arrival has come to redefine you.
When they were born, you were as well
Their presence has cast a permanent spell.
So harness your heart and consume this love potion,
Make yourself drunk on your strength of emotion
For we are Mothers – unleashed and unguarded.
We have so much to say. We’re just getting started.

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