Mum-run business – Grey Star Digital

Grey Star Digital is run by Samantha Schirrmacher. Samantha and I met when I needed help setting up this blog. She is exceptional. She is fast and motivated and knows all the tips and tricks to getting a web based platform up and running. I love it when I can personally recommend someone and with her I certainly can. Here’s her blog post on her Mum-run business and how it all came about.

Samantha writes
“After years of working in the Digital industry in London (hardcore Northern line fifteen stops from Balham every day), working 50 hour weeks and socialising hard like you do in Media, it was quite an adjustment of life-style once our first born came along and my husband was super keen to move down to the countryside near Guildford.
The excitement of a new stage of life was fabulous but in the back of my mind was always, ‘what on earth am I going to do with my career’?  Friends said, ‘don’t worry there is a life after kids,’  and, ‘there is a life out of London,’ but it just didn’t reassure me and so I tried to keep my knowledge and skills up to date by reading industry info and building a few websites for family when I had a few hours free in the evenings.
Once my second child was born, life just took over, A child who didn’t sleep through the night until he was almost four brought me too my knees. Add to that a toddler who needed entertaining meant I had entered a whole new world of being a full-on Mum, so that coupled with trying to fit into a new community was all I had brain space and energy for.  I started to really miss the business world and quickly realised that I needed some sort of part-time work again.
The year my little ones started school and nursery I got a job very easily as a Studio Manager for a Digital Agency in Guildford, part time, fifteen hours a week… what could be better? Until cover for school holidays came into play, oh, and clients calling in the evenings whilst I was at home trying to help with homework, make dinner, deal with piles of washing everywhere. I learnt the term ‘Mum-Min’, and it was very appropriate.  Admin, but for for Mums! My hubby at the same time changed jobs and was now internationally travelling for weeks at a time … I was exhausted! I was however finally building up my confidence again,  getting my skills up to date AND earning some money which was great!
As time passed lots of friends started asking me if I could help them with web projects, marketing, design and social media. I was getting more and more enquiries and my name was being passed around, to the point when a year ago (after a hideous summer holidays of non-stop frustrations with child care), I decided life was too short and that I was going to pursue working for myself. This is when Grey Star Digital was born. I sat down and started thinking about what I am passionate about and realised it was helping small businesses get online and promote themselves. I  had the confidence, all the up-to-date technical knowledge, plus the twenty plus years experience working in London to fall back on, so I quit my job and started focussing on setting myself up.
Since then life has been much simpler, I have barely advertised and found work through word of mouth. The kids are happier, I am happier. My hubby is happier and also very proud of me. I can make assemblies, school events and not panic about childcare in the holidays. Generally have a much better quality of life and massive work satisfaction.
Every time I work with a new client I make time to understand their business and what they are trying to achieve, I am happy to always research technical solutions and make sure we work openly and honestly to get a successful end result. I have great relationship with all my clients and am passionate about seeing them stand out and grow. This will always be my moto going forward and hopefully my business will grow (but not too much as apparently teenage years will start being mega demanding again!)
If you are interested in any of my services please do not hesitate to get in touch.
Many thanks for reading.”
Samantha Schirrmacher
Business Owner
Grey Star Digital



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