Calling All Mumpreneurs

Whether or not you agree with the term, Mumpreneur (Mum entrepreneurs), Mothers who decide to start up their own businesses are growing at an increasing rate. At a time when you might think a woman has enough on her plate, spending evenings making puree and Googling, ‘How to get my child to sleep through the sodding night?’ Or, ‘How much Calpol is too much?’ It actually transpires that many women find this is a time when they are motivated to get a new business idea up and running.

The Telegraph reports that Mumpreneurs generate £7bn for the UK economy. In 2016 over 800,000 Mothers ran their own business. I’m not excited by the word, ‘Mumpreneur’, but I’m quite frankly excited by those figures.

Mothers want more flexible work and to be their own boss. They need something that fits in around that teething baby and sick child. They need something that fits in around the school day that finishes before it’s even started and the summer holidays that are longer than my campervan trip across Europe and back.

When my sixth super busy and talented friend – who happened to be a Mum and was raising incredible and tiny noisy humans – messaged me details of her exciting new business, I thought I had to take action. Many of us want to buy more locally and support independent businesses. It is far more satisfying to know the face behind a business, and many find great value in supporting a Mother who is trying to support her family. We would all prefer business or IT support from someone who really listens and understands our unique position. It is with this intention that I have created

The blog is two-fold. The first aim is to provide a platform to share honest stories about Motherhood. 

The second part is to use the blog to unite and promote Mum-run businesses.

If you have a new business then write to me and tell me about it so that we can feature you here. Your story can inspire and motivate others. Women are type-cast as terrible self promoters. But is that because we struggle in inauthentic marketing? I hope to create a space here where women can open up and talk about the good, the bad and the in-between. What works for you and your business and what doesn’t. What have you learnt and what are you still learning. Women typically find these sorts of conversations much easier to have. We’re not saying one person has all the answers, but perhaps as an authentic collective we can create better goals, businesses and work life balance.

Typically we use out authoritative Mum-voice to shout through to the next room ‘Put your shoes on, NOT your wellies! If you put your wellies on you will not be going to Grandads/ swimming/ getting cake/ get ANY presents this Christmas’.

But here we can use our powerful MumVoice to tell people about you and your business. Let’s champion daringly-honest dialogue.

Perhaps tell me what motivates you, what made you start it or how you find juggling the work and the kids? Write about your hopes and dreams for the future. How your business idea has changed your sense of identity and self. Tell me a funny or real story about how your morning was or where you work from. Help us readers gain deeper context by sending me one or several photos of you, your set up, and your products so that we can really share in your incredible journey. Don’t be embarrassed if your sacred workspace is a rather sticky kitchen table. I’m writing this in a cafe where I hope my two pound coffee will buy me three hours of uninterrupted wifi. 

Motherhood is tough but the flipside is that it can make you extremely passionate and focused. I’m not ashamed of my MumVoice, it gets things done! I hope it inspires you to use your MumVoice more often and share your voice and ideas with us here. 



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